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Are you a teacher? School administrator or guidance counselor? Did you know Life Coaching can help to dramatically and permanently improve the quality of the lives of the students you teach?

Life Coaching is a method, a process whereby you can demonstrate better ways to make moment by moment decisions to improve the quality of your life. Each and every moment we are faced with a decision, we can make a choice which will move us closer to our goals or push us away. These decisions are powered by one of two underlying dynamics, either Motivation or Manipulation.

Life Coaching uses time tested wisdom along with modern technology to show you how the core dynamics or underlying issues are effecting your life. Once you can see the dynamics at work, you gain a level of clarity that is remarkable. You will feel a huge burden lifted off you each and every time you need to make a decision.

If your located in the Atlanta area, please watch for the big blue Life Coach bus. I am available to speak to groups, schools, teacher groups and businesses. If your are located outside of Georgia, please check back often. The Life Coach bus will be traveling cross country this fall. Please drop us a note and request a visit. We will do our best to schedule a visit to your school in the 2011-2012 school year.

Please watch for the new Life Coach Radio show and call in to discuss particular situations, conflicts and problems you may be experiencing as a teach.

I have a saying about Coaching, " Life Coaching is a change that will change everything."

If you are a teacher and wish to become certified in Life Coaching and Life Coaching skills, Life Coach College will be offering a winter on line class for teachers and school administrators. The class will start in February 2012. The tuition will be discounted and we will offer special rates to school districts that wish to have more than three teachers attend.

The classes will be on line and on the phone. This is a unique type of learning, since we discuss everything in a open, participation style of virtual classroom. So please check out for more information and join the partly line this fall and become certified to teach Life Coach skills and techniques.

Thank you,

Jeff Wasserman
Life Coach Media


15 minutes of life coaching with Jeff Wasserman

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