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2011-2012 Life Coach Road Trip

We would love to hear from you. We are located 45 minutes north of Atlanta Georgia. If you are located in the Atlanta area and wish to help with the bus tour, we would love to meet and discuss any ideas you may have.

If you are a Life Coach and wish to get involved in this exciting new coaching idea, please contact me to discuss how you could help bring Life Coaching to those who need it most.

Are you a business owner or manager? We are looking for locations to bring the bus and host our radio show. The bus will be in the Atlanta area during the summer of 2011. The bus will be traveling to Florida in August and on to Las Vegas in September.

If you live anywhere from Georgia to California and back, we would love to meet up. We are looking for individuals to help host a visit. Hosts would need to help secure a location, help with promotions and advertising. Basically be our "host" while we visit your city.

Please contact us using the information below.


Jeff Wasserman
Life Coach Media
P.O. Box 540
Dahlonega Ga. 30533

Phone: 800-841-8776

Jeff @

( please delete the spaces in the email address above when sending, this will keep our email address off spam lists.)

Thank you for taking the time to vist our site and please check back often.



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