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I am often asked if I offer Business Coaching. The short answer is yes, I offer business coaching to managers, sales professionals, corporate offices and business owners. In almost all business coaching situations, the business problems are really personal issues in disguise. Therefore, the business coaching sessions are actually Life Coaching sessions.

Generally, all business problems or challenges have one or two sources, either "you don't know what to do" or " you know what to do or what must be done, but you are not doing it." Most of the time, the problem is caused by the second answer.

When I offer Business Coaching, I not only help the client see the real challenge or issue, but I help the client see the dynamic that is causing the conflict or problem.

When I work with sales professionals, I always focus on what my client brings to the business. This includes personal qualities, specific knowledge, situational expertise, personal passion and personal values. When you take the time to clarify what skills or qualities you bring to your clients and customers, it helps you build confidence and allows you to do a better job for your company, your clients and your customers.

If you have a business problem, please call my radio show or visit me on location next time the big blue bus is in your area. For more information, please visit for location and dates.

Thank you,

Jeff Wasserman


15 minutes of life coaching with Jeff Wasserman

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